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Please complete the following information to ensure we have everything we need to make your Murphy perfect for you. This information will help your installation go as smooth as possible.
What type of wall will the Murphy be secured to?
Is there foundation lip or any other trim where the Murphy will be secured. If yes, please describe below.
What ceiling is in the room?
Is there attic access?
Are there any obstructions on the ceiling within 15' of where the Murphy wll be located?
What type of floors are in your space?
Are the floors level? If no, please describe your floors below
Are there floor drains we need to be aware of?
Is there direct access to the room where the Murphy is being intalled? If no, please detail information below.
We offer a swing replay 2 camera system complete with tri-pods for $399. Please let us know if you would like to add this system to your quote. (Uneekor Packages Only)
We offer a shank net package for $189. These nets attach to the carpeted padding on the doors. Though no needed, some custmers like to have the added protection. Would you like to add these to your order?

Thank you. We will review your information.

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