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Murphy Golf Simulators, LLC
Limits of Liability

Murphy Golf Simulators, LLC has done everything to ensure our golf simulators are as safe as possible. There are moving parts within our simulators that could cause harm if not used properly. The user must follow the instructions on opening and closing their Murphy Simulator which includes opening the doors completely prior to lowering the decks. Being sure to stand back 15 feet from the Murphy when lowering the decks, as well as standing 15 feet from the Murphy when raising the decks. Although there should never be an issue where the hoist mechanism should fail, but it is best practice to remain clear of the unit when opening and closing. It is also best practice to be sure to use the locking mechanism on the doors when not in use. Operation of the murphy should never be performed by anyone under the age of 18. When preparing to play golf, please use the provided strut padding for the gas struts use to raise the sky shield. If you ever misplace the padding, you can replace them with pipe insulation that can be purchased at any home improvement store. Please also be sure to use the magnetic latching system to ensure the doors are connected to the sides of the skyshield.


Please understand that playing golf indoors does have its dangers. Although Murphy Golf Simulators, LLC  has taken every precaution to ensure our simulators are completely safe, errant shots can occur. Be sure to keep the Murphy Golf Simulator turf area free from golf balls, or other objects that could cause a bounce back from a struck golf ball. Utilizing the doors as side walls is imperative to ensure any valuable items are protected from golf balls.


Murphy Golf Simulators, LLC is not responsible for any injuries that may occur while golfing indoors. Our goal is safety while enjoying the game you love. Please always follow precautions and stand clear when others are taking their golf shot. We want everyone to have fun, be safe, and utilize Murphy Golf Simulators, LLC in the way it was intended.

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